Vision, Mission and Objectives

Diploma of Corporate Management


“Becoming a Leading and Excellent Department of Management for Diploma Program in Indonesia to produce associate in Management to meet the needs of industry and community in global competition in 2024”.


  1. Carrying out the teaching and learning process that combines theory and application in Corporate Management in accordance with the development of science and technology.
  2. Carrying out education, research and community service, and achieving academic excellence to produce associate expert professionals in management who meet the required quality standards of work.
  3. Applying effective and efficient education management at the level of department and developing a sustainable cooperation network with industry and partners in corporate management in response to global competition.
  4. Building students character with entrepreneurial spirit and professional ethics that contribute positively to improving the quality of life.


  1. Being a higher education centre that produces professional associate in accordance with the major chosen by developing entrepreneurship spirit, mastering information technology, as well as being able to communicate internationally and ethically.
  2. Become an agent of development and transformation of a productive and ethical culture in facing the global dimension of change.
  3. Organizing quality education and teaching process through reliable curriculum development, professional lecturers and staff and infrastructure that meet educational quality standards.
  4. Organizing community service in order to utilize science and technology in an effort to contribute to the community development.
  5. Building students character by controlling and developing excellent programs in student affairs.
  6. Organizing relationships with customers and the environment to improve customer satisfaction, and administering administrative services and higher education services that adhere to the principle by using a quality assurance system, knowledge, ability, and attitude as manager.