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Vision, Mission and Objectives School of Economics and Business


To become an excellent and leading school in Indonesia educating professional workforce in Management and Accounting sectors who are ready to meet expectations of both industries and the community in the global competition by 2024


  1. Administering education, research and community services, creating and implementing academic excellence to educate professional workforce in Management and Accounting sectors who are ready to meet the expected professionals standards;
  2. Executing a higher education management, through work development networks, cooperation with industries and sustainable partnerships to respond the global competition
  3. Developing the competences and the entrepreneurial spirit and professional ethics of students and teaching staff as a means of improving the quality of life and aligning science and technology.


  1. Toward a professional  courses that able to produce graduates who have the Pancasila’ spirit with  high personality integrity and professionals in the field of management and accounting with the expected quality.
  2. Toward a courses  that able to improve efficiency and effectiveness, which aim to develop the ability to manage, lead and develop research and community service and establish cooperative relationships with various parties based on the principles of transparency and accountability.
  3. Toward a courses that  able to improve competence and foster entrepreneurial spirit so that graduates are able to coordinate and communicate across disciplines for self-development in accordance with the dynamics of the global market.
  4. Toward overt course ,responsive to changing, advances in science and technology courses and responsive to face of the problems, especially those related to management and accounting for  Bachelor and Diploma.